Kinesiology is a beautiful and gentle way of releasing stress present within the body, to help your body heal.

• Kinesiology is a great benefit to people suffering from back, neck, shoulder, joint, muscle and footpain.
• Headaches
• Anxiety and stress
• Learning difficulties, ADD, ADHD
• Lacking energy
• Digestive disorders
• Menstrual problems
• Food sensitivities
• Insomnia
And lots more…….


I am Aisha Sasman, Kinesiologist and always been interested in the natural way of healing.
My belief is that we have been given a body that can heal itself. At some deep unconscious level, the body knows exactly what it needs.
A few years ago I suffered from anxiety and frequent panic attacks. I went to see a Kinesiologist and after
seeing her I felt an improvement until the panic attacks eventually disappeared. I found out that my
anxiety and panic attacks were due to accumulated emotional distress. With amazement I instantly found
a huge interest in Kinesiology and begun my journey soon thereafter.
Kinesiology has become a passion of mine and taught me how important it is to look after our sacred
physical and emotional selves.